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There Is Nothing Left to Lose is the third album by the Foo Fighters, released in 1999, following the band's biggest seller The Colour and the Shape. Their first release on the BMG label, the album debuted and peaked at #10 both in the US and UK, and broadened their fanbase further with such hits as Learn to Fly, Stacked Actors, Breakout and Next Year. Many of the songs stray from the band's first two albums because they have a mildly experimental feel. Read more on Last.fm.

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Tracks In This Album

Stacked Actors - Foo Fighters
Breakout - Foo Fighters
Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters
Gimme Stitches - Foo Fighters
Generator - Foo Fighters
Aurora - Foo Fighters
Live-In Skin - Foo Fighters
Next Year - Foo Fighters
Headwires - Foo Fighters
Ain't It the Life - Foo Fighters
M.I.A. - Foo Fighters