This title refers to at least four recording artists: 1) Sophie Xeon, mononymously known by her stage name SOPHIE, is a Los Angeles-based electronic music producer. She came to prominence in 2013 with her single "Bipp"/"Elle" and released "Lemonade"/"Hard" the following year. She has worked closely with artists from the PC Music label and produced for acts including Charli XCX, Liz, Le1f, QT, Madonna, Namie Amuro and Vince Staples. Sophie's music Read more on Last.fm

bubblegum bass  electronic  eurobeat  seen live  uk bass  

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It's Okay To Cry - Sophie
Faceshopping - Sophie
Lemonade - Sophie
Bipp - Sophie
Ponyboy - Sophie
Is It Cold In The Water? - Sophie
Infatuation - Sophie
Hard - Sophie
Not Okay - Sophie
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